With CCD technology, designing a camera around a vision sensor is a rather complex task. By using a CMOS sensor, the task is much easier for manufacturers looking to develop cameras, even in lower volumes and for special applications.

Framos Sony Sensor

With the announcement of its Reference Design Kits (RDK) for Sony CMOS sensors, FRAMOS further enables anyone creating a customized vision solution to save development costs, reduce risk and bring their products to market faster.

RDKs help manufacturers implement the image sensor into their new products by providing the information they need to integrate it into their design. It acts in combination with the sensor manufacturer’s evaluation (a.k.a. EVB) kits that allow them to evaluate the performance of the sensor under certain conditions.
FRAMOS now offers the RDKs as a value added customer service for the Sony IMX 174 and IMX 249 global shutter sensors from the Pregius series. “The Reference Design Kits we provide are defined as a common platform about how one would design around the particular sensor or sensor architecture” explains Darren Bessette; Manager Engineering Services at FRAMOS. “They contain all the necessary components needed to understand the design of a sensor into a vision system and how customers can then incorporate them in their own camera design.”

With all this information at hand, the development process speeds up dramatically for the manufacturer. Experience shows that the time saved using the RDKs ranges between 1-3 man months of engineering effort, as the RDK provides practically all answers to many of the questions that usually arise during the development cycle, thus minimizing support cycles.

The new FRAMOS RDK added service for Sony sensors provides a kit that contains all the design files to understand how to integrate the sensor into a new design and includes all the necessary documentation in an easy to use manner. Optionally, the RDK PCB hardware can be purchased to provide a working example of the RDK design.


For FRAMOS, image processing is not just a technical discipline, but a fascination, the future and our mission all at the same time. Since 1981 FRAMOS is a leading technology provider in industrial, scientific and medical image processing. Headquartered in Munich and with 5 subsidiaries worldwide we enable manufacturers, system integrators and researchers to benefit from imaging technologies. Our team of approximately 80 associates offers a fully comprehensive portfolio of imaging components, technical consulting and support. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we offer engineering services for custom camera development as well as complete turn-key-solutions. We are proud of our participation in a revolutionary technology. The spirit of innovation and development of our early days has remained at the heart of our company.

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