Sample Delivery of Image Sensor for 8K Super Hi-Vision (8K UHDTV (Ultra-High-Definition TV))


8K Sensor
Brookman Technology, Inc. has commenced the delivery of engineering samples of image sensor BT3300N for 8K Super Hi-Vision broadcast, which was co-developed with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and Professor Kawahito’s Group of Shizuoka University. Brookman Technology, Inc. starts its production and delivery under the agreement with NHK.
8K Super Hi-Vision is set to begin test broadcasting in 2016 and roll out full broadcasting by 2018. The image consists of 33Mpixels (7680 x 4320), and is 16 times larger than the current HDTV.

BT3300N is the only image sensor (as of January 2016) that meets the full specifications of the Super Hi-Vision (8K, 120fps) and its optical format is Super 35mm. NHK has already developed cameras that BT3300N mounted in advance. Brookman Technology, Inc. has commenced delivery of engineering samples in December 2015 and its production is planned in summer 2016. 100 sales are expected for the first year in mass-production.

[Brookman Technology, Inc.]
A fabless CMOS image sensor maker originated by Shizuoka University. Brookman Technology provides many leading edge CMOS image sensors, i.e. high-speed, high-sensitivity, and customers’ specified unique sensors.
Brookman Technology, Inc. February 3, 2016
Professor, Research Institute of Electronics in Shizuoka University.
Expert of CMOS Image Sensors, Analog Circuitry and Signal Processing.
He is one of the founders and currently the chairman/CTO of Brookman Technology, Inc.
Image Sensor for 8K Super Hi-Vision [BT3300N]

Contact: Brookman Technology, Inc. Dr. Masaaki SASAKI (Sales Manager) Phone: +81 53 482 7741

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