Using just about every insert available, Bennett Cerf has certainly tested the Dog Schidt Optiks Trump 38 & 58

Some of the inserts tested with the Dog Schidt Optiks Trump 38 lens are the 38mm Classic—Blue Anamorphic 2x T4.0, 38 Classic Doily Diffusion, 38 Classic Orange S16 SuperSpeed T4, and the 38 Classic Horizontal Lines to name just a few.

The Trump 58mm Dog Schidt Optics tested were, Classic, MultiCoated, Uncoated, and Ultra Lo Con.

Check out Bennett Cerf’s Vimeo channel because he has a lot of the tests individually posted there too if this 29 min video is not enough for you.

Dog Schidt Optiks Trump 38 & 58 from Bennett Cerf on Vimeo.

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