A very quick look at Global Shutter Vs Rolling Shutter with the Sony IMX273, IMX287, IMX296, IMX297 image sensors.

What you see is what the inspection sensors are seeing on the line.

The movie on this page shows an image of “Checking the two-dimensional barcode and shape/dirtiness inspection of the lid of instant noodles in a production line.”
The movement speed is shown slower than in an actual production line for easier understanding, but the movie shows that even at this slower speed, the round lid and square two-dimensional barcode shapes change, expand, and contract in the rolling shutter system: RS image.
This image distortion is even more pronounced at speeds equivalent to an actual production line, making it difficult to discriminate features with image processing.
In contrast, distortion, expansion, and contraction do not occur with global shutter system: GS, so images equivalent to those taken in the static state can be obtained, enabling high-speed inspection.

For more: https://www.sony-semicon.co.jp/products_ja/new_pro/february_2017/imx273_287_296_297_j.html

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