Bored with the dull dishwater shots that passes as the current crop of camera shootout footage? Great well never fear why not try the Ikonoskop A-Cam DII Verses the RED Scarlet camera. Seems a fair fight right? Well Jonathan Yi thought so.

The Ikonoskop clipped much quicker on the highlights and had punchier contrast than the Red Scarlet. I had to punch up the contrast on the Scarlet footage in Red Cine to make them look more similar. Based on personal taste, I really liked how the Ikonoskop footage was looking right out of the gate but you definitely needed to be more careful about exposure.

native 200 ISO, no filters, daylight balance
Wide Shot Lens: Zeiss Superspeed 18mm
Close Up Lens: Zeiss Superspeed 50mm
Cinema DNG files processed through Adobe Lightroom and conformed with Adobe After Effects

RED SCARLET settings
native 800 ISO, ND 0.6, daylight balance
Wide Shot Lens: Zeiss Superspeed 35mm
Close Up Lens: Zeiss Superspeed 85mm
R3D files processed through Red Cine X

(all values rated with light meter at 200 ISO)
Subject lit with daylight units
Highlight (right side of face): 5.6 and a third
Fill: 2.8 – 4.0 split
Background slash of light is tungsten at 4.0
Exposed both cameras at 2.8 – 4.0 split, exposing the chip chart and left side of face as normal with highlights one stop over.

Now go see Jonathan Yi.

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