From Brett Williams

Custom Picture Profiles for Sony A7II – for use with Canon C100 and an alternative for S-Log2 (PP7) from Brett Williams on Vimeo.

Catchy title, huh? But yep, that's pretty much what this is – a look at different Picture Profile options for the Sony A7II mirrorless camera. I wanted to create a few options for using in different applications, and thought it might be worth sharing the results for anyone else who's interested! All of my grading was done in Premiere Pro using Lumetri Colour.

The short climbing video that is referenced at the start which flagged my concerns about S-Gamut can be found here:

It's worth noting that the findings here and the customized picture profiles I've created in-camera are all based on personal preference to what looks good to my eye, and within my own workflow – what works for me may not necessarily work for you or even be what some might consider best practice, but the test had to be realistic with the tools, skills and resources I have available for ongoing work.

Here are the settings for the three different Picture Profiles I ended up creating:

PP1: "S-Log Pro" – for shoots that I want high dynamic range for and intend to grade, without sacrificing colour information. Lowest ISO is 1600.
Black Level: 0
Gamma: S-Log2
Black Gamma: Middle / 0
Knee: Auto
Color Mode: Pro
Saturation: +3
Color Phase: 0
Color Depth: R +5, G +2, B +2, C +2, M -2, Y +2
Detail: Level -2
Mode: Manual, V/H Balance: 0, B/W Balance: Type5, Limit: 3, Crispning: 3, Hi-Light Detail: 2

PP2: "The No Grader" – when there’s no need/time to colour correct.
Gamma: Cine1
Color Mode: ITU709 Matrix
Color Depth: R +2
Detail: Level -3, Auto Adjust
All other settings are default.

PP6: "The C100 Emulator"
Black Level: +2
Gamma: Cine2
Black Gamma: Wide +4
Knee: Manual, Point 80%, Slope +2
Color Mode: Pro
Saturation: -5
Color Phase: 0
Color Depth: R +3, G +1, B -1, C -4, M -4, Y +3
Detail: Level -4, Manual mode, V/H Balance 0, B/W Balance Type5, Limit 5, Crispning 3, Hi-light detail 3.

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