From Tom Poederbach

Grading V-log L from DVX 200 in UHD timeline from Tom Poederbach on Vimeo.

This clip is shown at 1080p on Vimeo. 4K ( UHD) clip is avaiable under the download button. There is no audio. I just did not record any sound and did not put music to this clip.
Panasonic gave me a chance to test their new Panasonic DVX200. My first test was learning the camera without the user guide and getting some shots recorded in UHD 3840×2160 (MP4, 4.2.2, 8-bit, 100Mbs). It was no big problem. For each different camera I do a grading test I use more or less the same shots. Always available light, longshots as well as cu's. Shooting from inside out with high light backgrounds, make it difficult for the sensor and see what the results are. There are negative points to the camera as well as positive. For now the positive points win. This clip is available for download in 4K from the download menu. A low light test is coming however I already know it is no low light hero. Dynamic range is announced as 12 stops. I think it is really 12 stops in V-log L not one stop exaggerated. Full test report later. I used Colorista II to get back to the most naturalistic colour representation of the shots. No artistic interpretation . If someone wants an ungraded version let me know only available in UHD.

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