Gordon Laing Editor at cameralabs.com, lined up the Sony A7s II and A7r II cameras and pitted their settings against each other.

Sony A7s II vs A7r II (APSC) vs A7r II (full-frame): 4k UHD / 25P / 100 Mbit from Gordon Laing on Vimeo.

In my first 4k movie comparison between the A7s Mark II and A7r Mark II, I filmed my Brighton beach-front scene with the FE 16-35mm lens, set to f8 and adjusted to deliver the same field-of-view for each mode. In each case I filmed in 25p with 100Mbit/s compression. Picture Profiles were off here – this is footage straight out-of-camera, although I have also posted samples you can download with PP8 for grading tests.

I started with the standard 4k mode on the A7s Mark II which samples from the entire frame. I then filmed the same view using the A7r Mark II's APS-C / Super-35 mode which takes a crop from the middle of the frame with a 1.5x field-reduction, then scales it down a little to deliver a 4k frame; the field reduction meant I needed to zoom the lens wider to match the field of view with the A7s Mark II's full-frame capture. Then finally I filmed the scene again with the A7r Mark II's full-frame mode, which as the name suggests, starts with the 42 Megapixel sensor and scales it down to 4k resolution. For this I zoomed the lens back again.

For a side-by-side comparison I vertically cropped the footage so that I could position all three onto a 4k frame. The footage is unscaled and presented at its native 4k width, so you're only missing out on the sky above and the beach below on each crop. For the best results, download the original clip and play it on a 4k display.

I used the FE 16-35mm f4 lens at f8, and the bodies were running firmware 2.0. This video is part of my A7s Mark II review at Camera Labs. You can find my review at:


Feel free to download the original file for evaluation on your own computer, but please don't upload it to another website without permission from https://www.cameralabs.com/ Thanks!

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