Canon C300 Mark II and Sony A7S II Colour and Autofocus Side by Side

Brightland Studios placed the Canon C300 Mark II and Sony A7S II cameras side by side for a colour and autofocus test and comparison.

C300 II: Gamma: Canon Log, Color Space: DCI-P3, Color Matrix: EOS Standard, 4K 410Mbps XF-AVC (ALL-I 422 10-bit H.264).
A7S II: Gamma: Slog2, Color Mode: SGamut3.cine, +16 Saturation, -7 Sharpness. 4K 100Mbps XAVC-S (IPB 420 8-bit H.264).

White balance set to 5500K/Daylight.
Lights: 2 Aputure Lightstorm LS1 (~95 CRI), 1 Aputure LS1/2 (~98 CRI).

Canon C300 Mark II with Canon 24-70 F2.8 II at 70mm F2.8, ISO 250.
Sony A7S II with Sony 24-240 at ~105mm F5, ISO 1600.

Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2015- about 2 minutes in the Lumetri panel for each clip (no LUTs). The goal was quick turnaround.

These cameras can match pretty well, perhaps a bit better with custom setting tweaks and a little more work in post. As expected, the C300 II has better detail, color, and AF, though the A7S can easily be used as a B-cam and looks pretty good too.

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