Ben Pender-Cudlip tested the Clear Image Zoom capabilities on the Sony FS5 camera.

Which works better? Cropping / zooming in on post or in-camera with the FS5.

Sony FS5 zoom test (side by side) from Ben Pender-Cudlip on Vimeo.

Clear Image Zoom compared side-by-side with simply zooming to 200% in post. Left side is a zoom in Premiere timed to match the in-camera digital zoom.

Canon 24-105, Commlite adapter
ISO 1000, 1/4 ND, f/22, PP5 (Cine 1)

Bonus Video:

Sony FS5 zoom test from Ben Pender-Cudlip on Vimeo.

Testing the Sony FS5. I shot an image with the same field of view by:

1) optically zooming the lens to 140mm
2) staying at 70mm and using “Center Scan” mode (sensor cropping)
3) staying at 70mm and using “Clear Image Zoom” mode (Sony’s proprietary digital zoom)

Look for how the depth of field changes, how noise increases, how the resolution changes, and where Clear Image Zoom sharpens the image.

• Sony FS5
• Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L
• Commlite adapter (no Metabones Speed Boosting involved)

Default picture profile PP5 (Cine1), ungraded.

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