DIY nerdy camera rigs are great if they work and bound for the Shitty Rigs Hall of Fame if they don’t.

Have a gander at the wooden pulley car camera boom made for next to no dollars they used on the movie “Singapore Sling”

The Cinematography of Singapore Sling

Wooden Car Rig

For a bonus feature, check out the hanging off the side of a moving car filming rig / technique!!

Hanging Off The Side Car Rig

Check out the The Cinematography of “Singapore Sling”

The Cinematography of "Singapore Sling" from Ivan Rodrigues on Vimeo.

Interview with Ivan Rodrigues, Director of Photography of the feature film Singapore Sling.

Ivan Rodrigues is the madman or evil genius responsible for the wooden pulley car camera boom, and the hanging off the side of a car camera rig.

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