Three brand new 65mm HAWK65 anamorphic lens series have been announced by Vantage the cine lens maker.

Vantage HAWK65 Lens

Vantage has been creating anamorphic cine lenses for the film industry since 1991. Our long and ongoing commitment has given us the experience, knowledge, and ability to manufacture and design extremely complex lens systems from scratch and bring them to the market in a relatively short time.

Vantage has now turned its attention to the renewed interest in the 65mm format by developing three completely new anamorphic lens series for this format:

Hawk65 Anamorphic
Hawk65 Anamorphic Vintage’74
Hawk65 MAX

All of these lens series are specifically designed for 65mm digital sensors or formats that are larger than established 35mm formats.

65mm cinematography continues to build on its long tradition founded on the impressive negative size and the large-format anamorphic glass that were used to create that epic look. Vantage understands how important those initial 65mm anamorphic lenses were to film history, and our latest state-of-the-art lens systems are built to surpass those high-water marks in 65mm anamorphic technologies.

Vantage felt that newly designed glass was needed to meet the potential that the 65mm format provides. We have taken great care, the appropriate amount of time, and significant investment to create innovative optical calculations combined with original designs that are tailor made for each new series and, thus, provide the filmmaking community with completely new anamorphic opportunities. Development has been underway for more than a year, and all three series are already being manufactured. The initial core sets will be available later this year.

Each new series will supply cinematographers with a different 65mm option.

Hawk65 Anamorphic includes prime lenses from 35mm to 250mm and front anamorphic zooms, providing cinematographers with that true 65mm large format Scope look.

Hawk65 Anamorphic Vintage ’74 is a version of the Hawk65 Anamorphics with lower contrast, flares, and creamy skin tones that create the signature aesthetic of the 1970s for 65mm large format sensors.

Hawk65 MAX consists of several wide and medium angle lenses and has been developed for IMAX film format and other giant screen applications.

All three series of lenses will use Vantage’s new Selective-Off-Plane Technology, which influences a specific parameter of the image characteristic. These 65mm optics reflect Vantage’s continued focus on the needs of cinematographers in the ever-changing landscape of filmmaking.

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