Expensive cinematography lenses have one important feature that still lenses cannot offer: marking on angled surface of the barrel, making it easy to read focus and aperture settings from side or behind the camera. X-Circle has a smart solution (pat.pend.), a simple idea but very important…. a lens ergonomics re-thought! Every Nikon F-Mount Manual Focus lens (including the professional ZF.2 Series) can be modified to X-Circle cine-style EF-Mount with a rock-solid mount (it’s not an adapter, but a complete new mount) in five minutes with a 90° rotation of the focus/aperture marking from the original top position to the side! This is what we call SIDE INDEX VIEW (pat.pend).

Camera assistants (stressed by the bad reading of top markings on the barrel) will appreciate the focus and aperture marks on the side of the lens barrel exactly behind the follow-focus knob, that’s improves the performance of the focus-puller work with a simple ergonomics re-thought: a special (pat.pending) 90° rotated bayonet mount that moves the lens barrel marking from the top (photo mode) to the side (cine mode).

X-Circle is a complete bayonet mount with precise professional grade mechanical tolerances and not just and adapter with annoying mechanical play (and shot ruining) when pulling focus for video or cinema productions. X-Circle is based on a highly precision collimation ring and a stainless – steel bayonet, available in kits supplied with all the necessary screws to be easily installed by yourself following simple “step by step” instructions, and in case you’ll need to step back to F-Mount it will be really easy: the best of two worlds, open to the future camera race!

The X-Circle stainless-steel EF Bayonet features the exclusive patent pending CineLock, that offers a rock-solid cine-style bayonet locking, designed to keep the lens tighter to the camera especially when stressed by follow-focus work or remote control motors on gears.

There had been a long engineering work around the original EF-Mount bayonet and at the end we came out with some important improvements and the X-Circle CineLock bayonet upgrade offers a real cine-style rock-solid locking of the lens on the camera X-Circle is lens ergonomics re-thought! Side View Index and CineLock features…. for your next “Hollywood Style” shooting!

Order now, shipment starts from end of February with a price of USD $159.

Please see LockCirlce for more details.

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