NAB roll on as plenty of of shooters kits will bulge with goodies. If you go to NAB swing by the stand that has the SWIT S-7410 DSLR Rig and give it a twirl. SWIT have thrown in the Follow Focus and have those swivel handgrips that are a must have. If you feel like splurging on that SWIT rig then carry an extra $1,450 or so to take one on the plane with you.

What is included:
SWIT S-7410 DSLR shoulder rig is to enhance camera stability and smooth movement during hand held shooting. This shoulder rig adopts standard 15mm rods, made of carbon fiber and aluminum.
The following essential parts are provided:15x60mm rods x2; 15x30mm rods x4; 15x05mm rods x2; Swivel handgrip x1; Top handgrip x1; Offset bracket (high) x4; Offset bracket (low) x1; Camera mount plate x1; Follow focus device x1; Lens rings kit x1; Tripod base x1; Shoulder pad x1.

SWIT S-7410 DSLR Rig

SWIT Follow Focus

For more on the SWIT S-7410 DSLR Rig try here.

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