From the floors of the IBC trade show, 9.Solutions demonstrated some of their unique solutions for moving and mounting small action cameras, such as GoPro’s and larger DSLR, and mirrorless cameras.

9.Solutions line of mini rigging equipment are professional grade equipment sized and manufactured to accomodate smallers cameras ranging from GoPros to DSLRs. A large percentage of our mini rigging components also feature our patented Magnetic Quick Mounting, allowing you to quickly and easily mount and adjust your gear. And because our equipment is engineered with industry standard taps, you can mount a variety of other pieces of production equipment including lights and microphones!

Most of our mini rigging in forged from anodized aluminum, providing a resilient structure on which to mount your camera, reducing camera shake and ensuring the safety of your equipment.

Savior Clamp Series Demonstration

C-Pan Arm Demonstration

See 9.Solutions for their complete range of camera accessories.

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