Well this EVF got us hate mail last time we posted about it, from people angry that we pointed out how cheap it is to get an EVF.

$217.04 is what it will set you back to get an EVF / on camera field monitor that has HDMI in HDMI out, center marking, overscan, peaking filter / focus assist, and check field / red, green, blue, mono, to name a few features delivered to you.

SEETEC Small HD on camera 3.5 inch field monitor EVF viewfinder kit HDMI input and output

The fact is the SEETEC on camera 3.5″ field monitor + EVF with HDMI in and HDMI out is just $217.04 to your door.

We don’t make these prices up.

SEETEC Small HD on camera 3.5 inch field monitor

SEETEC 3.5″ Monitor Features:

*PTT Adjustment
*Custom Color Temperature
*Frame Mark Setting
*4:3 & 15:9 ratio switch
*Monochrome Display
*Peaking Filter
*External Battery
*Centre Marker

See Seetec for more information about their EVF.

Stupid me I forgot to post the link to get one: Seetec EVF through Aliexpress.

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