Red’s Jim Jannard steps up to the plate and swings with Observations…

RED 8K Camera

1. Jarred has done a masterful job of leading the the RED team on the Weapon project. And the entire team stepped up like never before.

2. I attempted to teach Jarred everything I knew about everything… it took all of about one hour. :-) Apparently he listened… and then magnified every word times ten.

3. The original RED ONE Mysterium footage still looks amazing. Crossing the Line. Ché. Knowing. $17,500 in a then 200+ thousand dollar world… for 1080P.

4. Many forget that The Social Network was shot on a RED ONE Mysterium-X sensor. I haven’t. It is a look that many still cannot match to this day.

5. The Amazing Spider Man was shot on prototype EPIC MX cameras. Then… the Hobbit was shot on 96 RED EPIC MX cameras. Prometheus, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and hundreds of other features were shot on EPIC MX.

6. Enter the Dragon. One of the most significant advancements in the history of cinema cameras. 5K resolution, high frame rates, monster dynamic range and improved color. So many features, commercials, music videos and fashion shoots shot on EPIC Dragon that it is scary. DXO Mark scores the Dragon sensor (101) above every sensor/camera ever made, beating the Nikon D800 (96).

7. Now Weapon. Everything better still. 6K and 8K. 16+ stops. 15 bit color. High frame rates. Smaller. Lighter. No cables. Every accessory option you can imagine. The current Gold Standard in every way.

We have given upgrade paths to our customers because we believe in “Obsolescence Obsolete”. From the original RED ONE to Weapon 8k. But let me say this as clearly as possible. These upgrades are an option. They are not mandatory. I think one can use any RED camera from the RED ONE to Weapon and create amazing work. Upgrading is an option… your choice. If the upgrade makes sense for you… perfect. If it is too expensive or not necessary… don’t do it. You currently have a worthy tool if you have any RED camera in your hands.

8. Uprezzing not spoken here… please do not believe that uprezzing a 2.8K sensor to 4K in camera is a reasonable option. It isn’t. It is as close to fraud as it gets.

9. Dedicated to purpose beyond reason. We are at war with conventional thinking.

10. Apple ProRes is awesome. It is a great editing and sometimes delivery format. But it is NOT an acquisition format. REDCODE RAW is. With Weapon… now you can have both at the same time on the same SSD card with Weapon.

I can’t remember having as much fun in my life as with RED. Thanks to all of you that have supported our vision.


See RED.

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