Wood-Comp introduce their EXTALITE carbon, solid bamboo and bamboo+carbon sandwich structure family of camera sliders that consist of 3 different versions; the Mini, Classic, and the CF+.

One of the sliders unique features is the Auto Tracking function.

Wood-Comp EXTRALITE Camera Slider

It’s a camera slider family consist of 3 different version of sliders. Mini for iPhone and other smartphones all the way up to compact cameras, “micro” size mirrorless cameras, such as Panasonic GM1 and Sony RX100. The Classic for small to medium size mirrorless cameras and HDSLR’s and the CF+ the big brother of all for the larger HDSLR cameras such as Canon 7D, 5D mark 2-3.

They are made of carbon, solid bamboo and bamboo+carbon sandwich structure to reach unparalleled rigidity and lowest weight possible. They are available in different lenghts to suit the individual’s needs. But there is something else! in fact two things. First is the built in subject tracking functionality of the “R” versions and the magnetic side-support for the ultimate rigidity when mounting your slider on a single tripod!

Krakow is Nice! / Wood-Comp EXTRALITE G2 CF+ / CF+ R camera slider demo short film by Adrian Mahovics

EXTRALITE G2 Camera Slider Family

Please see Wood-Comp and their Kickstarter campaign for more information about their family of EXTRALITE camera sliders.

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