By now you should have come across RED EPIC camera footage shot at 120fps and maybe at 300fps. You might have also seen Twixtor in action and change DSLR footage into a cheap Phantom alternative like the ones we have shown here. Well now we have smashing pumpkins and RED EPIC camera footage by Devin Graham shot at 300 fps slowed down to 1000 fps and just in time for Halloween too.

We shot the pumpkins smashing with the Red Epic camera at 300 frames per second. Then in a couple of the shots I put the slow motion clips into Twixtor, a program that adds frames to make it even slow, and I made those shots run at 1000fps, by adding frames in between the other frames.

As far as the lighting goes, we used an Arri kit. We filmed the smashing of the pumpkins right outside my friends apartment. We dropped them off the three story building into the parking lot. To make the space look like it was in the middle of nowhere, we also drapped a black cloth/sheet. And we also covered the ground with water, and the pumpkins so they would shine/glisten in the lights that we had set up.

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