The Solid Camera Sony NEX FS100 video camera rig is now a finished prototype and what a cutie is. Seen in these sneak peak pictures we can see that the Solid Camera FS100 rig is a modular configuration that allows you to configure it the way you want to for your exact shooting requirements.


Standard 54mm PL mount, port cap included
Nikon and Canon lens support coming soon.
Includes shim kit for perfect flange focal depth
Precision lens centering adjustments allow perfect zoom tracking. A first in the adaptor market.
Unique patent pending lock ring that prevents over tightening and makes lens release easy.
Brutally strong iris rod lens support system allows unrestricted choice of lenses without damaging the camera. The mount is supported with a unique dual point bracket. This approach is vastly stronger than a single point support especially for torsional and lateral stresses.
Self supporting lens mount option allows the use of any PL mount lenses without the need to support the mount externally.
Copious mounting options for monitors, EVF, batteries, recorders, microphones, and other accessories.
Quick release handle is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. It features additional 3/8” mounting points.
Fluid dampened EVF positioning and support. This is the operators interface to the camera, it should be amazing.

Still here? Go on get on over to Solid Camera for more.

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