At IBC Schneider-Kreuznach launched the 14mm version of the CINE-XENAR III.

Schneider-Kreuznach 14mm CINE-XENAR III

This new CINE-XENAR III lens extends the range of its ultra-wide-angle series and will be available from the fourth quarter of 2013.

The CINE-XENAR III series now comes in seven fixed-focal lengths: T2.2/14mm, T2.2/18mm, T2.2/25mm, T2.1/35mm, T2.0/50mm, T2.0/75mm and T2.0/95mm. All of the lenses stand out for their telecentric design, user-friendly focus with highly legible inscriptions and precise setting mechanisms. Because all of the lenses have the same dimensions and identically positioned setting elements, they are easily interchangeable. The modular design also makes the lenses particularly easy to service.

“The 14mm lens of the CINE-XENAR III series is ideal for landscape images or architectural shots taken from a short distance”, says Dr. Horst Linge, product development director in Göttingen.

Like the other lenses in the series, the 14mm version also impresses with its negligible “breathing”, distortion and vignetting yet very natural “bokeh”. Because they come with a PL mount, the lenses can be used on professional cameras such as RED ONE, ARRI Alexa, the Canon C series, the Sony F series and comparable models of other brands. An interchangeable camera bayonet also enables them to be used with semi-professional digital SLR cameras like the Canon EOS 7D.

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