RAWcopter with Canon 70-200mm Zoom Lens Maidenflight // theblackdrone GmbH from theblackdrone GmbH on Vimeo.

theblackdrone put their RAWcopter up for its first flight with a Canon 70-200mm lens on a RED camera fitted with FIZcontrol.

We don't stop getting better. Maidenflight with a Canon 70-200mm zoom lens. Focus Zoom and Aperture can be adjusted with our ‪RTmotion‬ ‪FIZcontrol‬ . We can fly all RED cameras as well as the ARRI Alexa Mini. We are able to fly many cine zoom lenses from all established brands‬ as the payload is no problem for our ‪RAWcopter‬. We can lift a maxium payload of 12 Kilogram for guaranteed 10-15 minutes.
ARRI Master Prime Lenses
ARRI Ultra Prime Lenses
COOKE S4i Prime Lenses
ZEISS CZ.2 18-30mm Lens
ZEISS CZ.2 28-80mm Lens
ZEISS CZ.2 70-200mm Lens
Angénieux Optimo 16-42mm Lens
Canon Cine-Zoom CN-E 14,5-47mm Lens
Canon Cine-Zoom CN-E 18-80mm Lens
Canon Cine-Zoom CN-E 30-105mm Lens
Leica Summicron Cine Lens

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