Check out the 20 minute livestream produced by theblackdrone for the #MBsnowdate Mercedes-Benz event.

Mercedes-Benz #MBsnowdate // theblackdrone GmbH from theblackdrone GmbH on Vimeo.

Mercedes-Benz was live – together with theblackdrone.
We planned and produced a livestream event for our client Mercedes-Benz in Saalfelden (Austria) at the ÖAMTC proving ground together with star-DJ Felix Jaehn and the host Patrice Bouédibéla. The result is the #MBsnowdate!

theblackdrone was responsible for the entire technical execution of the live event. Together with professionals and colleagues within our network we made up a team of 18 people.
A critical task was the sheer size of the location and therefore the long cabling from every single camera back to the base.
Therefore we developed a mobile 4K 60p optical fiber system all cloaked in rugged Pelican cases to ensure a flawless functionality in all environments, especially in snow and temperatures way below zero.
Besides that we had two professional-grade video transmitters in the car, a drone – of course AutroControl certified – as well as a mobile Easyrig camera. In total there were eight cameras, 4,7 km of optical fiber and around 900 m of power cables to get the perfect shot of the red Mercedes GLC from every angle of the proving ground. There were many challenging tasks to master which could be affected live by the decisions of the Facebook fans on their screens, unparalleled so far in this industry!
Take a look for yourself at the 20-minute livestream which is now online!

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