German production company theblackdrone have been testing their RAWcopter drone to see how it handles payload weight, and flight time.

Flighttime and payload test with our RAWcopter // theblackdrone GmbH from theblackdrone GmbH on Vimeo.

With the theblackdrone RAWcopter we're taking professional aerial cinematography one step further. With a total of 11,5 kg (12,5 kg maximum payload) we can fly up to 9:30 min. Huge camera rigs, 3D setups or long and heavy cine-zoom lenses are no longer a dream.
With a usual payload of 6,5 kg (consisting of a RED Dragon / Weapon or ARRI Alexa Mini, a cine prime lens, full focus and iris control and HD video transmission) we get flight-times of up to 17 minutes, which outdoes most other competitors and brings elusive trust and safety into the production workflow.
Besides that, the entire multirotor system is way overpowered to make sure there is always enough headroom in any situation imaginable. That was realized with the high-performance components of KDEdirect and Gens ace batteries.

For comparison (maximum payloads of each system):
theblackdrone RAWcopter – 12,5kg payload
Freefly Systems Alta 8 – 9kg payload
Intuitive Aerial Aerigon – 9kg payload
Gryphon Dynamics GD-X8 – 7kg payload
Kopterworx Hammer X8 – 6,8kg payload
Freefly Systems Alta 6 – 6,5kg payload
DJI Matrice 600 – 6kg payload

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