Over at REDUser Tim Whitcomb handed out a sneak peak into a prototype power solution for the RED EPIC cameras. Sweet neat set up locked and loaded with umphs of power and an oh so rockin custom made “Clutch” shoulder pad. Just have a look at old verses new here with the RED One and the EPIC side by side.


The days of powering down to change batteries is ALL BUT OVER FOLKS!

Been pulling out random VOLTs… as long as 1 stays in… Keeps on going and going… I have been leaving it on now for 1:45 minutes recording boring camera charts in my prep room
and haven’t powered down once! (MAN I NEED A QUAD CHARGER THOUGH TO KEEP UP!)

Appears to power SEQUENTIALLY… which is great.. only ONE RED VOLT powers at a time… so its easy to keep track as you go (because its a prototype… in camera batt level monitoring is not enabled yet.)
Right now they drain rear to front. I.e Left Rear then Right Rear. The Left front and finally Right Front. At least on the module I have. I don’t see any value to draining them at the same time. How would you hot swap? If you want less Swapping… remember the Red Volt XL is coming and takes up TWO spots. So you would just flip left and right Volt XL’s. (What I plan to do)


Summary: One HOPES that the side handle would drain last… so when you lose all 4 Red Volts in the Quad, you can keep going while you swapping.
What this does is let you HOT SWAP and never have to power down! unlike changing a RED BRICK on the R1.
I am telling you attaching your first module to your EPIC is a religious experience … I almost feel guilty being among the first outside of RED… almost.
You will not appreciate how GENIUS modules are until you start attaching them for the first time… All that WIRE GACK… is reduced to elegant pins and connectors. Freaking awesome!


Photos are Tim’s and make sure to check RED out for more.

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