Shot over 4 days in Austin Texas we see the promo trailer for the new American F1 Circuit using 2 RED EPIC cameras, 1 Phantom Flex, 1 Cineflex, multiple Contour POV cameras, and of course one Red Bull F1 racing car. So the track is still dirt but do you think that would stop Red Bull’s David Coulthard from having a crack? Hell no. Sit back and then nudge towards the edge of your seat as David Coulthard rips up a Billionaire’s Ranch, out runs Cowboys, choppers, and quad bikes, then hits the streets of Austin and then finally screams around an F1 dirt circuit that is still under construction and would be more suited to the WRC boys and girls.

Austin F1 first lap footage was shot at 29.97fps on Red Pro Primes lenses, Duclos 11-16, Angenieux Rouge 16-42mm and 30-80mm and some Angenieux 25-250HR. Slow mo do-nut shots were filmed at 1000 fps range on the Phantom Flex camera.

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All footage and screen grab reside with Red Bull.

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