The PrimeCircle XM (manual focus and manual aperture) cinema lenses are finally on delivery, featuring smooth focus action with calibrated (one to one) focus scales for precise follow-focus work.

Designed for filmmakers looking for high quality optics and precise focus scales for serious focus-pulling work!

Cost-effective lenses! Budget matching the new generation of 4K cameras offering superb optical performances.

XM Hero Lens

The XM Series is available in nine different focal lengths from 15mm to 135mm, and the new design comes with the “red aperture geared ring” added to improve “visual ergonomics” in the production field: the lens red ring stands for aperture control, a different job than focusing!

XM Hero

Every single lenses has dedicated and calibrated (in the optical lab) focus scales (right and left) and aperture is geared for dynamic exposure control.

The focus scales are available in metric or imperial (feet) scales, and all the graphics on the barrels are engraved (every single lenses has dedicated calibrated focus barrels) and hand painted! Handcrafted with passion in Italy (Lake Como).

Optics are “state of the art”: really high resolution and high contrast for crystal clear sharp images, featuring incredible “pastel organic” backgrounds
consistent across all the focal lengths.

Shooting moving pictures is totally different that shooting still pictures, this optics are aesthetically consistent over the different focal lengths: this is
a real “must” for storytellers that want to keep the right cinematography feeling.

The PrimeCircle XM Series has serious “cinematic character” and tested in several feature films on the big screen all over the world.

PrimeCircle XM Series are available in Canon EF Mount (heavy duty stainless steel bayonet) and Nikon F (interchangeable), with CNC Machined aluminum front cap
for serious shipping protection.

Nine focal lengths available: 15/2.8 – 21/2.8 – 25/2.0 – 28/2.0 – 35/1.4 – 50/1.4 – 85/1.4 – 100 Makro/2.0 – 135Apo/2.0


– high resolution and contrast (Zeiss Optics)
– natural color balance and skin tones
– exclusive “pastel organic” (bokeh) backgrounds
– compact lightweight and ergonomic design
– perfect for handheld, run and gun, drones, gimbals
– precision mechanics with smooth focus feeling
– expanded focus mark spacing
– 95mm cinema standard mount on all the focal lengths
– 90mm filter thread (step down filter rings 77/82/86mm available)
– stainless steel heavy duty bayonet mount
– single “one to one” engraved focus barrel
– exclusive black velvet technology surface finish (unscratchable super-hard)
– fluorescent scales (glow in the dark) at request
– exclusive PrimeCircle top knurled “ultra-grip” ring for safety mounting/handling
– geared aperture ring (red code color) – left a right scales
– aluminum CNC machined cap – with ultra-grip ring

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