Panasonic have released an updated version of their P2 Viewer software to P2 Viewer Plus. This new software supports P2 file viewing, copying and metadata editing for the latest Windows* and Mac operating systems.
The graphical user interface (GUI) has been redesigned for easier operation. It also can be added the optional functions such as Ingesting function with a paid license.

• Supports all P2 codec files, including AVC-Intra and AVC-Proxy files. Also supports 24 bit audio.
• Displays text memos, text markers, HD 16:9 wide, and proxy clip information as marks on the thumbnail icons.
• Provides the following clip playback operations: 1-frame feed/rewind, pause/resume, variable playback speed (-4.0 to 4.0), loop, fullscreen playback and prioritized proxy playback.
• Allows metadata to be displayed and edited.
• Searches clips by category, metadata keys (using up to four keys), and full-text in metadata.
• Enables edited metadata to be uploaded to a P2 camera recorder or other devices via a SD memory card.
• Supports selected clips copy function. (Copying a medium or folder base is not supported)
• Supports displaying information on P2 cards and formatting P2 cards
• When adding optional ingesting function AJ-SK001G (required licensing fee) allows clips recorded on P2 cards to be bulk-copied to hard disks or other media.

*Windows8 is not currently supported.

Download the latest version of the Windows and MAC P2 Viewer Plus HERE.

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