Go behind the scenes on The Eagle Huntress short film.

DJI World – Behind the Scenes: The Eagle Huntress (Short Film) from DJI on Vimeo.

Follow the DJI film crew on an epic adventure into the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia, where they battle harsh elements and sub-zero temperatures to bring you the DJI World short film about Aisholpan, Mongolia's famous eagle huntress. See how the DJI Ronin and the Inspire 2 were put to the test in some of the harshest conditions DJI has ever shot in, to create this cinematic, moving short film.

To see Aisholpan's full story, check out SONY Pictures' new feature-length documentary "The Eagle Huntress" at https://sonyclassics.com/theeaglehuntress

Martin Buzora: Director / Cinematographer
Arnaud Vittet: Producer
Martin Buzora: Producer
Tyler Meehan: Camera Assistant
Kirill Belousov: Sound
Sean Deakin: Behind The Scenes
Ben Moyle: Drone Pilot / Fixers Mongolia
Mandak Gombo-Ochir: Fixers Mongolia
Nurbolat Len: Kazakh Guide
Martin Buzora: Editor
Lydia Mainville: Cellist
Ryo Rex: Sound Mixer
Alexis Odiowei: Colorist
Steve Du: Graphics
Janibek Mahsut: Driver
Mukan Seterkhan: Cook
Lashyn Len: Cook
Martin Buzora: Writer

Fixers Mongolia: https://www.FixersMongolia.com
Tour Guide: https://www.WesternMongoliaTours.com
Equipment: https://www.LensProToGo.com

The Nurgaiv Family
Tastulek Nurgaiv
The People of Bayan-Ulgii
The Eagle Hunters
Otto Bell
Stacey Reiss
Otgonjargal Moyle
James Duong
Zacharia Lorenz
Hadi Dimachkieh
Huy Vu
Andy Knight
Xavier Richard
Amanda Chen
Amy Li
Christoph Tallerico
Badel Aygan
Meg Tselmeg
White Feather
Mongolia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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DJI World – The Eagle Huntress (Short Film) from DJI on Vimeo.

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