For your weekend viewing pleasure…

Two videos shot at 4K; one a hacked Magic Lantern DSLR and the other with a Sony F65 camera:

Magic Lantern 4K Melbourne Timelapse

Australia 4K (ULTRA HD) Time Lapse:

Video from David Lennon:

This was my first real crack at astro photography and i used Magic lantern firm ware on both of my cameras this is a great product all round, this is the technology is what i use to make such clean day to night videos.

Gear used

Canon 5D Mk ii
Canon 600D
Cannon 6D
gitzo traveler series 1 tripod
manfrotto tripod
Lr time lapse 3
Adobe after effects CC
adobe light room 4/5
Final Cut pro X/ premiere pro CC

Gisela - Sugarwood

Gisela – Sugarwood

Video from Giselaworld and Pol Turrents:

Shot with Sony F65 + Master primes + Smart Assist in Barcelona.
Camera equipment provided by ovide.
Postproduction done with premiere pro CS6, finished in 4K

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