The Kramer Electronics KW−11T and KW−11R are a high−definition, wireless, HDMI transmitter and receiver combination for indoor use over short range distances.

Kramer KW-11

The KW−11T converts an HDMI signal into a wireless signal that it transmits to the KW−11R.

The KW−11R converts the wireless signal back into HDMI.

Max. Resolution – Uncompressed video resolutions up to 1080p @60Hz.

Robust MIMO 5GHz Technology.
Very Secure AV Link – Through AES−128 encryption
Zero Latency.
HDMI Support – EDID, CEC and HDCP.
Transmission Range – Up to 12m (39ft).
No Line of Sight Requirement.
Compact Size – Part of the Kramer family of compact, high−quality and cost−effective solutions.
Size – MiniTOOLS

Kramer KW-11T

KW-11 Details

Max Resolution − 1080p @60Hz
Robust MIMO 5GHz Technology
Zero Latency
Range − Up to 12m (39ft).
No Line of Sight Requirement

Please see Kramer Electronics for more information about their KW-11 wireless, HDMI transmitter and receiver combination.

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