Den Lennie has been described as the creative one, well today he could also be described as the exciting one. We see a teaser campaign from the exciting creative one on his Twitter account announcing that a prototype camera is in his hands “That is going to turn the indie film making world upside down.”
Unless another camera manufacturer is also going with a view finder on top of the camera at the back then this prototype camera Den is using is shaping up to be the new Sony S35 NXCAM.
In another tip to this camera being a Sony Den has posted a pic of the prototype camera sporting a Sony Lens sitting nice and plump up front.
The S35 Sony NXCAM should soon be called the FS-100 on the 23rd of March.

Here are the Hooks baited ready to reel you in:

The dinner scene lit with 150w dedoflex not deformed!

Loving the look of the dedoflex 150w beautiful quality of light with great control. Amazing portrait light

Messing around with some funky flare dingle…

Our artist Cozi – a bus stop in west London midnight on the 50mm f1.4

Our artist Cozi – lovely bokeh on the 50mm f1.4

Scene 2 is in a supermarket with minimal kit

Hmmm 18mm lens at f3.5. Shallow and lovely

Can’t show more than this but it’s very very exciting:

There’s something in this box that is going to turn the indie film making world upside down …

Shooting a Music Video next 2 days on an exciting as yet unreleased prototype camera with Cozi:

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