Three very different approaches to getting smooth camera vision. A brushless gimbal rig in the KORE X1, an EXO electric camera dolly kitted out with a flight head compact, and a little SteadiGO all give each Camera Op the smoothest vision available to them for the project.

Kore X1


Enjoy the first ever footage of the X1 in action, no stabilization was added in post. Footage with XTC logo in corner are shot with X1 rig.
This short was shot with the The “KORE X1” – a digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized handheld camera gimbal. The X1 gyro rig offers considerably more stable & dynamic footage than the standard steadicam device allowing the operator to go where most steadicams wouldn’t dare! It also offers 3 shooting modes, Fixed Mode – camera fixed position with stabilization, Follow Mode – gimbal autmatically pans & tilts in sync with operator movements & Free Mode – where the operator can pan/tilt via a 2-axis joystick grip controller. The 2-axis joystick controller can also be used to select shooting modes, calibrations settings and other features without having to connect to a computer, saving you time!
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EXO Electric Camera Dolly


This was a camera test…Flight Head Compact rigged onto the EXO Electric Camera Dolly.
RED camera with a 19-90mm zoom @ 32mm. Alan Thatcher, Vimeo.

SteadiGO glidecam

SteadiGO glidecam test

Testing the SteadiGO camera stabilizer on South Beach, Miami!
The SteadiGO is a super smooth video camera stabilizer that works with DSLR cameras and camcorders to create steady, professional looking videos!
This rugged steadycam can support up to 4 lbs of camera + accessory weight with the standard weight kit and up to 5 lbs with the optional Extra Counterweight Kit!

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