Thanks to Eduardo Garcia for suppling some Kinemini KRW footage verses ProRes XQ, verses DNG footage.

Kinemini KRW vs ProRes XQ vs DNG from Eduardo Garcia on Vimeo.

I did this test to see the difference in compression between KRW to DNG, NATIVE DNG, and KRW to PRORES XQ. The file was output at 1920×1080 23.98 H.264, mp4 with Target Bit Rate at 10. Since Scratch is the only software that supports KRW and I am a Resolve user, KRW must be transcoded. Another thing to note is difference between S35 Hi Speed KRW (Global-like Shutter) @ 23.98 and Regular S35 KRW @ 23.98.

Shot with Kinemini 4k
Lens: Contax Zeiss 50mm 1.7
Transcoded via Kinestation

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