Richard Gale aka Melting Bloke from Dog Schidt Optiks demonstrates the subtle nuances between the Schneider Cine-Xenon 50mm Lens at T2.8 and the APOGEE58 lens at T3.5 2x Oval Aperture.

Cine-Xenon 50mm at T2.8 vs APOGEE58 at T3.5 (2x Oval aperture) from Melting Bloke (Richard Gale) on Vimeo.

Illustrating the difference between a typical modern cine prime with full frame/vista vision coverage (Schneider Cine-Xenon 50mm FF Prime), versus our APOGEE58 lens and a 2X oval aperture insert (also full frame/vv coverage).

First clip is the Xenon at T2.8.
Second is the APOGEE58 at T3.5 (2x oval) with a standard rear cell (1976 coatings)
Third is APOGEE58 with an uncoated rear optical cell
Fourth is APOGEE58 with a 1968 single layer coated rear optical cell with mild warm tint

In typical non backlit scenarios the difference is subtle, however as the face shows, the vintage optics certainly deliver a more pleasing result in terms of skin reproduction. The uncoated rear cell for instance is really helping with skin texture of the heritage model. Obviously the addition of the 2x oval defocus is helping the APOGEE lenses out with a more pleasing and filmic rolloff.

Camera – Sony PMW F3 internal 35mbs 4;2;0 using AbelCine S-Log profile and a rather heavy tweek to the white balance (which was not set accurately) and then a mild grade with lumetri.

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