Digital Sputnik expands product range and introduces new accessories


Digital Sputnik introduce the DS 1, a battery powered single light module for mobile applications.


Digital Sputnik is expanding its modular lighting platform with a single light module power supply that can be powered with batteries or 12-36 Volts DC. This new DS1 unit is designed to be used in mobile applications where running cables is not desirable, making it an ideal eye-light among other applications.

The DS1 unit is using the same advanced color science and light grading capabilities as other DS products. All DS fixtures offer a very wide calibrated kelvin temperature range from 1500-10000K. The user can find the exact calibrated white to which he can mix in any primary or secondary color. Once the user has found the desired color, it is possible to change the intensity without the color being affected. By using only Hue and Saturation values it is possible to imitate all major gels and color filters. Dimming is cleverly done using analog current control eliminating the chance for flickering under any circumstances – odd shutter angle, high frame rate, HDRx and so on – rendering the experience seamless for the user.

In addition to DS1 we have launched two new accessories for DS3 systems. The Spacelight accessory enables the owners of DS3 or DS3+ systems to turn their system into a spacelight. The Spacelight accessory can use one or two DS3 kits for additional output. The skirt for the spacelight is made out of special material enabling up to 3x more light output compared to traditional skirts.

The Beam accessory creates a large directional 18 light module unit out of 6 DS3 systems, which can be mounted on a trussing. Mounting units next to each other makes it possible to create a wall of directional lights where each light module is individually controllable.

Digital Sputnik Lighting is founded by brothers Kaur Kallas and Kaspar Kallas with a background in production and post production who started to perfect the LED lights to replace HMI´s on the film production set. Since 2015 DS LED Systems have been used on large Hollywood features such as Independence Day Resurgence, Star Wars: Rogue One as one of their main lighting tools. Digital Sputnik LED system cuts back considerably on infrastructure and overhead, thereby allowing the creative team to focus on visual storytelling and creation of compelling images. The flexibility, modularity and mobility of the system allows for smaller team, reduced power consumption and faster setup without compromising on the light quality or output.


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