Handy FILMTOOLS have a new double shoulder support rig plus more with the release of their Base.X range of camera accessories. Constructed of aluminium and plastic Base.X rigs are lightweight and sturdy. Available from the Handy FILMTOOLS website you can get the Base.X as a bundle and as Base.X parts.
The guys have bundles for shooters who use small and mid sized cameras including DSLR’s who want to shoot in various positions including on the shoulder and low angle shots. Handy FILMTOOLS even have a Base.X rig for small 3D camera shooters.

handy base.x – camera rig – official teaser from Handy FilmTools on Vimeo.

* When you get this shoulder piece, you will have all the known advantages of a shoulder pad plus you will also able to switch to dual shoulder support with a simple turn of a knob.

* Double shoulder support distributes the weight evenly on both shoulders, enabling you to shoot for a longer duration hence increasing overall productivity. Double shoulder support is so far the best solution for non-stop operators who has to work for long hours.

* Ideal for projects such as documentaries, weddings or any other kind of event which requires constant navigation and steady shots.

* Patented Double shoulder design distributes the mass to a much wider volume, providing the smoothest pans and tilts you ever witnessed on a shoulder rig.

* steel balancing weights (which are offered separately) can be attached on this shoulder support as well as sony IDX and anton bauer battery plates.

* This system has been developed in handy filmtools labs in cooperation with various filmmakers and engineering professionals.

* Once you try the double shoulder comfort you will never want to look back.

Check Handy FILMTOOLS for more on the new range of Base.X gear.

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