Matthew Duclos from Duclos Lenses has posted an in depth look at the Canon CN-E prime series of lenses.

Canon CN-E Primes An In-Depth Look

Matthew spoke with Ryan Kamata, Sr Specialist, Business Planning and Larry Thorpe, senior fellow, Professional Engineering & Solutions division of Canon USA, and then hit up David Klein, ASC and Dominik Mainl in the middle of them shooting the current season of Showtime’s Homeland.

Here is one question from that Blog post by Matthew…

Matthew Duclos: A lot of cinematographers feel these are simply re-housed L series lenses – How do the CN-E primes differ?

Canon USA: The cine prime lenses were designed in accordance with long-established expectations of the world’s cinematographers. Optically, they are designed to match with our cinema zoom lenses. They are designed to be on the warmer side, providing a very organic and a natural look. This immediately set them apart from the L-Series prime lenses.

The CN-E Primes were designed to 4K optical performance specifications. Optically, this means they deliver a high contrast from the center of the image to the extremities, they have tightened specs on monochromatic and chromatic aberrations, and they have minimized focus breathing. Mechanically and ergonomically they are further differentiated from the L-Series by having:

300-degree rotation angle for the focus control
11-blade iris for cinematic bokeh
Unified front lens diameter of 114mm
Unified mounting of 105mm filters
Unified positioning of the focus and iris geared rings
Highly Accurate Lens markings on both sides of the lens
Manual iris control capability
Durable and reliable housing that produces precise lens control

Please see the full complete post about the Canon CN-E primes from Matthew Duclos.

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