The story behind Hikari Glass that makes the Nikon branded Nikkor lenses so special.

This video introduces the foundation of NIKKOR lenses through interviews with those working at the Nikon’s Akita plant (Hikari Glass Co., Ltd.), the foundation of Nikon’s production of optical glass. Backed by history and tradition, each share their expertise on lens design and production from a variety of angles, from the appeal of interchangeable lenses to the lenses that they themselves would choose.

This video reminds viewers that Nikon is one of the very few camera manufacturers around the world that owns the total production line from glass and machine-component processing to assembly, adjustments and inspections, beginning with careful selection of lens materials for the production of optical lenses. Advanced production technologies and systems are not the only things needed to manufacture high-precision, high-quality optical lenses. The skilled techniques developed by the craftsmen who make the lenses over many years are also necessary.

Hikari Glass built its plant in Akita in 1975. The people who grew up surrounded by Akita Prefecture’s clean air and water do not say much, but they are straightforward and tough. The character of these people is well suited to the craftsmanship we demand

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