Filmmaker in a Box is a documentary on the filmmaking process with a comprehensive look at the in and outs of making movies. Filming took place while they were making the Indie Feature “2 Million Stupid Women”.
The box consists of 10 DVD’s and covers over 17 hours, 108 individual video modules with interviews, behind the scenes footage and detailed assessments of every aspect of pre-production, production and post-production. Also covered by Filmmaker in a Box is getting the screenplay financed, casting and crewing, contracts + call sheets, day to day shooting schedules right up to the first assembly cut of the film.

This is not a “How-To.” This is not a textbook or a series of discussions on theory and filmmaking concepts. Filmmaker in a Box provides the real-world nuts-and-bolts details of how exactly one particular project was made – good and bad. Successes and failures. Good decisions and the mistakes. Filmmaker in a Box shows the good, the bad and the ugly.
This filmmaking documentary is beyond anything you can learn from a school or a book. This is as close to the experience of actually making movies as you can get – without actually doing it.

For more info see: Filmmaker in a Box Website

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