Not long ago Shoot Blue told us that they were making a DSLR Shoulder Rig and Cage and we were lucky enough to be the first to post the pictures. The Shoot Blue Shoulder Rig and Cage is going to initially support the Canon 1D MKIV camera and there are plans to support the 5D MKII and 7D cameras down the track.
Well now we have updated DSLR Shoulder Rig and Cage project pics for you to feast your eyes on. Initial thoughts of the Shoulder Rig and Cage are that a Transformer is having a shag with the Canon 1D MKIV. Wow what a crazy baby that would make! Keep in mind that this is still a working project, but it is getting out and about in the testing stage now so not long before the beastie is released into the wild.

So stand well back because these Prototype Shoot Blue Shoulder Rig and Cage pictures are scorching HOT!

Note HDMI cable protector, ARRI compatible dovetail and shoulder support, adjustable offset. It is pictured with an 18mm Zeiss CP.2 lens, Chrosziel Follow Focus and Mattebox, VLock battery plate, Marshall HD SDI monitor. Still needs a few tweaks and anodizing, but for hand-held use, very comfortable and balanced. At the moment exclusively available to hire from Shoot Blue.

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