Cinevate the Canadian Camera gear maker have released a Shoulder Rig setup for the new Canon XF300 and XF305 cameras. Rig price is $2,563
Canon sent Cinevate a camera to test out their .5 pitch focus gear.
The Rig adjusts in every axis, and the counter-balance can be filled to precisely counter the front load no matter what you throw on there.

The Rig consists of the following Cinevate products:

Durus Follow Focus
The sealed internal gear set and bearing assembly assures effortless movement, near zero lash, and a lifetime of maintenance free use in a commercial environment. The entire unit is computer machined from 3 aluminum billets leaving plastic used only for the dry-erase focus ring and interchangeable (.8 film pitch) drive gear.

Titan Matte Box
The Titan matte box (includes top & side flags, not in this picture) is the world’s first fully height-adjustable swing-away mattebox. Using a CNC machined aluminum frame, and carbon fibre uprights, the box frame is strong enough to be used as a handle for a 40lb rig.

Proteus “Shorty” Rails System – 15mm Solid Carbon, (2R, B) 30cm
This is a simple, strong and inexpensive rails system using our exclusive solid carbon fibre 15mm rails material.

Shoulder Mount with Counterbalance
The offset kit centers the camera in front of you and the whole configuration allows you to adjust height for optimal camera positioning.

Uno Grip
This grip can be mounted, and configured nearly anywhere on your rig. A single “Kip” handle allows you to toollessly adjust the grip any virtually any direction, angle or rotation.

For more info go to Cinevate website

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