More fantastic behind the scenes tech from Ghost Digital Cinema that went into making the “The Flat Earth” featuring some of the most amazing camera gear around.

This time the spotlight is on the RED Digital Cinema camera family.

Check out THE FLAT EARTH now:

The DSMC camera systems from Red Digital Cinema is one of the most robust and flexible camera systems out there. From its IPP2 RAW image control and workflow to its massive 8K format capabilities it is insane what you can capture with these camera systems.

Thank you to RED Digital Cinema for being a huge supporter of Ghost Digital Cinema since day one.

See how we use the RED Digital Cinema camera systems in The Flat Earth now available on all major platforms for digital download. (Want to see more behind the scenes? (Want to see more behind the scenes? The HD version on iTunes has exclusive iTunes extras featuring a 45 minute behind the scenes documentary and 15 minute behind the technology) Ghost Digital Cinema @reddigitalcinema #reddigitalcinema Film 🎥 @kevin_denning @imacleigh – Edit 🖥 @sskibino – Music 🔊 @rydermclaughlin @kevinromar – Pilots 🚁 @k2_larosa @john_tamburro 🎥🛠🔩 @jip_01 @nick.sprague @bradhurndell

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