eMotimo, Inc., a producer of high-value, portable motion control products for filmmakers, is pleased to announce that Spectrum ST4 is now available for domestic and international purchase. Spectrum ST4, a 4-axis pan and tilt head, provides precision movement tuned for live control, programmed video, timelapse, stop-frame animation, high-speed, VFX, and giga-pixel photography; capabilities unmatched in the motion control industry today.


The Spectrum ST4 was created to address challenges and reduce barriers felt by many emerging filmmakers. Production value previously reserved for professional cinematographers is now much more accessible. With cinema-quality cameras dropping in price, more independent content producers are jumping into a space that was previously reserved for big budget production companies. Many current motion control systems are expensive, heavy, and time consuming to set up; making them poor investments for smaller production companies. Spectrum ST4 is affordable, lightweight, and sets up in minutes. It is multi-axis motion control that will enable storytellers to experiment and excel in more shooting styles.
Introducing the eMotimo Spectrum ST4 – A New Class of Motion Control
Precision: Capture precise and repeatable 4-axis movement with accuracy greater than 1/100 of a degree.
Speed: Built-in pan/tilt motors drive pan speeds above 60 degrees/sec and tilt speeds faster than 45 degrees/sec.
Multi-Axis, Motorized Accessories: Engineered to integrate smoothly with both eMotimo-designed and 3rd party motorized accessories. The two powered motor ports (M3, M4) are built specifically for sliders, focus-control, dollies, and other powered accessories.
Portability: Transports easily and withstands rough treatment in a production environment. The machined aluminum body weighs just 4.5 lbs, with a small footprint (7.3”x5”x7.4”) and low pack volume. All units ship with hard cases.
Strength: Supports balanced cameras up to 12 lbs.
Continuous Improvement: With field-updateable firmware, the Spectrum ST4 will add new features and adapt to new challenges.
The Spectrum ST4’s innovative operating system gives cinematographers controls and capabilities previously unavailable in this price range:
Simultaneous Four-Axis Control: Includes wireless gaming controller for fast, multi-axis setup with analogue feel and digital accuracy.
GoTo Positions: Set pre-set positions that correspond to buttons on the included remote. By pressing each individual button, all four axes will smoothly and precisely move to that point, allowing the camera operator to hit predefined marks on command.
Record/Playback: Record a freeform video move and then repeat it as many times as the scene requires.
Video Move Profiles: eMotimo has carefully designed various live movement control settings. In this mode, you can press one button to change the motor profiles: slow, fast, nearly silent, or extremely dampened.
Timelapse: Move and trigger your camera for smooth, ramped, four-axis timelapse sequences.

Price and Availability:
Base price: $2,299 USD. Available to ship to most countries. Check with sales@eMotimo.com for details.

From the eMotimo founder, Brian Burling:
“eMotimo’s goals have always been to provide filmmakers with tools to tell their stories better. Spectrum ST4 will enable cinematographers to push their craft further with capabilities that are not only industry-leading, but intuitive and incredibly fun to use. The Spectrum ST4 will change where and how motion control is deployed and will bring value to every filmmaker’s kit.”

About eMotimo:

Founded in 2010, eMotimo specializes in high value motion control robots for photography and cinematography. eMotimo, Inc. is a U.S. company that designs and assembles all of their products in San Leandro, CA. Footage from their products can be found in productions seen on BBC, PBS, EPSN, FX, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and numerous viral Staff Picks on Vimeo.

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