eMotimo instructional video on getting the best setup camera slider combination for the Spectrum ST4 system.

eMotimo spectrum ST4 – 104 camera mounting from eMotimo on Vimeo.

Learn the best practices for mounting your camera to your spectrum ST4.
Depending on your shot, you can lock your spectrum down to a slider to tripod with a simple QR clamp. Or angle your slider or tripod and mount spectrum ST4 on a slope using a ball head or monopod head. By using arca clamps and plates spectrum has the ability to mount and to be mounted to variety of useful ways.

Mounting your camera to the spectrum ST4’s tilt arm requires an arca compatible L-plate. You have universal options, which work with a variety of camera bodies, or brand and model specific L-plate options. Pick up a heavy duty L-plate for larger cameras that push the spectrum max payload of 12lbs.

The eMotimo spectrum st4 is a 4-axis motion controller with pan and tilt built in. It is meant for cameras 12 lbs and lower. It integrates and drives 2 additional powered axis like slide and focus. It is controlled by either the included wireless gaming remote, or the navigation joystick on the side of the unit.
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