Schneider-Kreuznach has added a brand new full-format wide-angle lens with a wide aperture to its range of FF-Prime lenses. The design of the 18mm FF-Prime features a specially developed internal focusing mechanism, giving it the same dimensions as all other FF-Primes. This makes it surprisingly easy to change lenses. Normally, 18mm lenses are much shorter.

Schneider Kreuznach 18mm Lens

The extremely wide T2.4 aperture ensures a bokeh and appearance that match the rest of the FF-Prime lens range. The gradation between in-focus and out-of-focus and the look in the out-of-focus region are optimized accordingly in the design. The 18mm wide angle not only offers new perspectives for indoor photography, but also enables spatial depth to be shown with strong graduations. The minimum object distance is 0.4m to the sensor. The lens is ideal for portrait or landscape photography as well as architectural images due to the good distortion correction.

The FF-Prime lenses with 4K resolution (4096 x 2304 pixels) have been especially developed for use in DSLR cameras with full-format sensors as well as professional cine cameras. The homogeneous line now encompasses T2.4/18mm T2.1/25mm, T2.1/35mm, T2.1/50mm, T2.1/75mm and T2.1/100mm focal lengths. The outstanding features of these lenses include their easy handling and the overall organic impression of the images they produce. This sets them apart from other lenses of this kind, making them ideal for use in commercials, feature movies, documentary films, TV series and image films.

The T2.4/18mm FF-Prime will be available in the 4th quarter of 2016 and cost 5,498 euros net.

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