DSLRPros will now be selling an extra large 7″ diversity monitor for FPV.

7 inch diversity monitor for FPV

Whether you are flying a DJI Phantom, S800 or any other aerial rig having the ability to frame your shot is critical. That is why the FPV system you choose will be one of the most important components aside from the gimbal that you will upgrade on your rig. The FPV system and gimbal combination is what separates the “Toys” from the “Tools”.

The Long Range Diversity FPV Kit is a 7″ HD Field Monitor with an integrated 32 Channel 5.8 GHz Diversity receiver and power system. The Diversity Receiver is the same technology used by all professional systems to maintain a solid connection between the transmitter and two separate receiving antennas. The system works by switching the display signal between the two receivers automatically choosing the strongest received signal to increase range and reliability. The estimated range is up to 3,937′ Line of Sight.

With its ultra slim design you no longer need to fuss with external batteries and video cables typically found on FPV systems. The entire system is self-contained and can be quickly setup in less than a minute and broken down just as fast!

7 inch diversity monitor for FPV DSLRPros


7″ Field Monitor with integrated Diversity Rx (5.8 GHz 32 CH)
Integrated Battery
Pair of tuned Clover-Leaf Antennas (5.8 GHz Rx/Tx)
Tuned Patch Panel Antenna (5.8 GHz Rx Directional Long Range)
400 mW 5.8 GHz 32 CH Video Transmitter
Detachable Sun-Shade
Quick Detach Radio Mount

To find out more about the 7″ field monitor with integrated diversity, please see DSLRPros.

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