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A professional video-cinema lens brand, XEEN was announced today. The XEEN series consists of a 24mm T1.5, a 50mm T1.5, and an 85mm T1.5. It provides outstanding optical performance for 4K+, and a bright T1.5 aperture. Three more lenses will be announced next year, to complete a line of professional cinema lenses.


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The brand XEEN is named after ‘scene’ and ‘seen’ with ‘∞, x’ as the first letter of brand for ‘infinity.’ “There are unmet needs for video-cinema lens with superior image quality for broad range of consumers from enthusiastic productions to professional director of photography. We believe XEEN will provide infinite experiences of video and filmmaking. Now with a T1.5 aperture and outstanding optical performance, producers can concentrate solely on realizing their creative power,” stated Jay M. Kwon, executive marketing director at XEEN.

XEEN lenses come in 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm focal lengths. The lenses not only work with full frame cameras but also with Super 35, APS-C and APS-H cameras. Three more lenses are planned for release next year for a complete set of six lenses for professional video and cinema productions.

The main characteristics of XEEN lenses are their outstanding optical performance for 4K+. Specializing in professional cine lenses, XEEN is a brand launched by Samyang Optics. The newly announced lenses are designed with Samyang Optics’ know-how and have outstanding optical performance for 4K+. In addition, the XEEN lenses feature X-Coating Technology ensuring maximum image quality.

The T1.5 aperture is another major feature of the XEEN line of cine lenses. XEEN lenses reliably deliver high quality footage with clear contrast and impressive colors, even under less-than-optimal lighting conditions. The large aperture also creates a pleasing bokeh effect for a cinematic look.

Harvey Glen, a director from England, called XEEN lenses “impressive,” and described his as a “very sharp lens with bright T1.5” A German director, Frank Glencairn, proclaimed the XEEN series as ‘the game changer’ in the cinema lens market, made to deliver “nothing but amazing image quality.”

Created to deliver infinite possibilities, the XEEN lenses will be globally available in mid-August.


The recommended retail price is USD 2,495. Visit the official website ( and Facebook ( for more details.

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About XEEN
A professional video-cinema lens brand, XEEN aims to provide superior optics, for maximum user satisfaction. The name XEEN comes from the experience of ‘scene’ and ‘seen’. The first letter is replaced by an ‘X’, which represents infinity; limitless experiences and possibilities. With bright T1.5 apertures and outstanding optical performance for 4K+, directors are free to concentrate on the only thing that matters – realizing their creative power. A masterpiece of both from and function, made to meet the needs of professional video-cinema producers and creators, XEEN blazes a new trail in the professional lens market. Discover XEEN. Created something unexpected. For more details, please visit the official website ( and Facebook (

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