Seriously hands up who wants this Pixiel ActivRig 3-axis brushless gimbal buggy?!!

ActivRig 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Buggy

Maybe easier if it’s just a show of hands who doesn’t…. No one great.

Here is the rip from Pixiel… It’s French.

ActivRig Buggy is equipped with the nacelle 3 axes ” Activrig .” It allows fluid and stable picture from a different angle and terrain.

Equipped with powerful brushless motors on all 3 axes , the nacelle can wear ActivRig Canon 5D to the Red Epic .
Alone or with a cameraman , stabilization technology Activrig assists and allows for unprecedented motion plans .
The ActivRig is fully designed, manufactured , assembled and tested internally by PIXIEL

Video thanks to Montrer Voir:


The more powerful engines, to avoid stalls , but extreme conditions (wind , fast motion ) with a maximum load .
Balancing for rapid changes in focal
Electronics tropicalised
Bluetooth setups
Storing three operating programs ( use only with a cameraman … )

Pixiel ActivRig 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Buggy


ActivRig with 3-axis stabilization
radio cameraman
Charger + 2 Battery
Training setting and use
Flight case of transport


Depending on your needs and the use you intend for the ActivRig, we offer the following options:

video Back
Follow Focus


Max weight: 6kg
Max payload : 4kg
Autonomy : 30min
Sensors: 3 gyroscopes, accelerometers
Frame : carbon and aluminum
Gimbal : gyro stabilized on 3 axis
Number of engines : –
Deployed Dimensions (L * W * H) : 50cm * 25cm * 40cm
Folded dimensions (L * W * H) : 50cm * 40cm * 5cm
Regulations: –

Please see Pixiel for more about their ActivRig 3-axis brushless gimbal buggy.

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