With all the whining, complaining, and hassles about DSLR footage both from camera snobs and from DSLR users themselves spare a thought for cameramen from days gone by who had to hand crank cameras just to get the footage. If filming came easy to everyone then the revolution would be truly over. Pain misery heartache and sorrow all melt away when you first see that pristine vision pop up on a screen and you know that you got the shot. Just imagine the excitement of hand cranking film on your new 35mm wooden box and the magical footage that would be waiting for you to bring to life and the enjoyment of showing others what you and your new toy have produced.

It is a privilege to see an Oskar Messter made camera in action and the beautiful footage that it creates.

My Old Hand Crank Camera from Lightcurve Films on Vimeo.

Pieter-Rim de Kroon, award-winning filmmaker from Amsterdam, found this 1900-build German Oskar Kine-Messter camera in virtually perfect state, fell in love with it and wants to revive its glory…
This is the story and the kick off of a series of five in which we will have you re-discover the art and sensation of observing.

a film by Maarten Roos and Pieter-Rim de Kroon.

Produced by Dutch Light Films and Lightcurve Films

Kine-Messter 35mm Camera

For more on the makers of the video please go to Pieter-Rim de Kroon Film and Lightcurve Films. To see more fantastic early pioneering film cameras try here.

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